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Lemon Glaze Butt Sneezed with Fruity Pebbles

Lemon Glaze Butt Sneezed with Fruity Pebbles

If you love Kale try this it is way better!! Some will say that this is thee best donut they have ever tried in their life. It come from deep within PRINCESS SPARKLESHARTS magical DONUT layer. This DONUT will make you think about selling your family so you may have a lifetime supply. The amount of OOOOOMMMMGGGGoodnes in this naughty piece of mouth love is seriously unwordly (its a new word that will be released soon) This FRESH, HOTT, SOFT, DONUT first is floated in a UNICORN POOL of LEMON GLAZE as it emerges it is then UNICORN BUTT SNEEZED with FRUITY PEBBLES until every aspect of that GLAZE is covered in FRUITY PEBBLE love. You should also know that according to UNICORN law statutes 2015 section 4- EATTHEWHOLEDONUT you are permitted to eat every last morsel of this DONUT.

Why people love the UNICORN BUTT SNEEZE