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Tossed like a Salad in Cinnamon and Sugar

Tossed like a Salad in Cinnamon and Sugar

So BOOM we had an idea to make something so simple that someone would write a quote about it even before we were alive and it worked. This keep your eyes on the road and no that guy is not wearing pants donut is the definition of holy bejeezus that it is good stuff right there. You may think to yourself I may need someone to shin kick me so I know this is real life good. We have our FRESH HOTT DONUT that is tossed around in cinnamon and sugar like a 5 year old in a bouncy house. When it reaches its final destination of your mouth your eye balls gonna grow to 3 times its size and your legs gonna be weak like a baby giraffe in the Serengeti.

Why people love the THE “SANCHEZ”