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Lemon Glaze Blistered with Li Hing Mui

Lemon Glaze Blistered with Li Hing Mui

Nothing say’s Hawaiian vacation like sunburn!! This donut has never been done before. We dug deep into childhood times here in Hawai”i with LiHing Mui (dried plum seed) and wanted to make your tastebuds go bizang shwank shwank I’ve been waiting my whole life for you. You might have to take 3 steps back scratch your head and look like a puppy dog puzzled from how in the sam hell did this donut get so damn good. We start with our LEMON GLAZE that makes your tastebuds start to do cheerleading routines mixed with tae bo in your mouth it is then UNICORN dusted with LI HING MUI powder, at this point you will not be able to control your movements and will be forced to start doing the almighty dance floor standing body roll.

Why people love the SUNBURNT HAOLE