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Mixed Berry Glazed Teased with Captain Crunch & Cream Drizzle

Mixed Berry Glazed Teased with Captain Crunch & Cream Drizzle

As this donut the SMURF BALLS gazes into your eyes with an intense sense of eat me Seymour eat me. Your left frontal lobe of your thinker muscle kicks in and sends an electric impulse to your right hand which triggers the phalange to king fu panda grip the begeezus out of the circular dome of sweet baby loving to your tastebud donut. Once you have acknowledged with your eye socket muscle that you have achieved connection with the pastry your next involuntary movement that will occur is you stuff that MIXED BERRY GLAZE topped WITH CAPTAIN CRUNCH BERRIES warm piece of holy grail M.C. Hammer you can’t touch this lets do the Macarena on the beach while it rains during sunset because it is summer and the summer bod is bulking at this moment Elvis was abducted by aliens get in my belly happens (in other words you eat the donut but in scientific terminology).