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Lemon Glaze, Graham Cracker with a Cream Cheese Climax

Lemon Glaze, Graham Cracker with a Cream Cheese Climax

This mouth opening eye twitching I can not believe it is in my mouth donut is the second donut we came up with before we opened our doors. It consist of mouthgasm and happiness in the skull muscle that makes you feel like you must be in Narnia staring at a talking lion. We start this partnership of damn that is amazing flavor with our FRESH HOTT DONUT laid gently into a bath of LEMON GLAZE. Once the donut spa is finished it is then pounded into a mound of GRAHAM CRACKER CRUMBS. To bring this epic DONUT to its finale we add A CREAM CHEESE DRIZZLE and a HONEY TEDDY GRAHAM taking it over the top of and across the street!