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Haupia Glaze Lei’d with Macadamia Nuts & Chocolate Banana drizzle

Haupia Glaze Lei’d with 
Macadamia Nuts & Chocolate Banana drizzle

Na na na naaaa na na na naaaa heeyyy yaaaa nutbuster for your mouth!!!!! As some will say get in my belly!!! This donut will make you slap your own butt with a wooden spoon. This is the love child of a coconut who fell In love with a chocolate banana, they got together conquered and produced this nutty piece of goodness for you internal cavity to enjoy. If you think your eyes have rolled back in pure happiness before wait until you lay your teeth on this donut these will make your eyes roll back so far within your body you will be looking at the insides of your feet. the amount of ohh snnaaappp included in this item meant for your enamel parts to enjoy is to the 5383738 power of snap times 2 plus a donkey.