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Chocolate Glaze Crop Dusted by Macadamia Nuts & Caramel

This donut will seriously make you re-think the very existence of what your tastebuds were doing before sinking your choppers into it!

This son of a mother less goat Harry Potter better get his magic stick out because abra cadabra hocus pocus your tastebuds about to take a butt whooping in tastology (it’s a new word) trying this donut. This mouth pleasing tongue loving donut will take you back to when you first laid your chewing bones into a CHOCOLATE, CARAMEL MACADAMIA NUT treat. This has all the right flavors in all the right places ( in yoooo mouth) Yes the mouth love is real with the one. Remember what happens in Hawai’i you will probably post on social media anyway so eat the donut!!

Why people love the ALOHAMAC